Welcome to the award-winning Old Yard Tapas Bar

We are confident that over the last 20 years, since opening in 1995, The Tapas Bar has developed an understanding of the wishes and expectations of our local, national and international clientele, with a view to providing an appropriate blend of traditional authenticity, hospitality and exceptional ambiance. All this combined offers a unique experience of the Mediterranean approach to eating and drinking.

As the name Tapas Bar suggests, we are not a formal Restaurant, with all activity including ordering, directed through the bar. So, enjoy a drink or two and feel the famous tapas bar experience!

Just a brief perusal of the tapas menu will indicate our aim to producing a balance of Spanish and Greek flavour in our cuisine. What some may consider to be a strange or unusual alliance between vibrant Spain and laid-back Greece inspires “tapas bar” to relish the cultural appetite which is so singularly appropriate to both the Spanish and Greek passion for food and life.

Using the freshest ingredients and top quality local and imported produce, we ensure you receive the best taste!

Check out our daily Specials; Moussaka, Kleftiko, Paella, Souvlaki & Fish of the Day...

Due to our care for each dish, your order will come as and when its perfectly ready so take your time, relax, take in the tapas bar atmosphere and enjoy each and every dish you choose!